Photovoltaic PV Systems

In simple terms, PV systems harvest solar energy and convert it in to electricity. Systems tend to be either independent ‘stand alone’ installations that generate electricity for exclusive use; or grid connected systems where electricity can be fed in to the national grid. Typically, photovoltaic arrays are used to supplement power use and a connection to the grid enables energy produced by the PV array to be sold back via a metering or ‘feed in’ agreement. Although feed in tariffs have been reduced, PV arrays remain an excellent way of supplementing the power requirements of a building and significantly reducing its energy bills.

As sustainability and energy efficiency has become more and more relevant to today’s communities, so the market has become flooded with Solar PV installers.

So, why chose Encore Electrical for your PV installation?

Working with our approved PV partners we ensure that our customers can be confident of receiving a truly professional PV installation.

The highest standard of equipment will be used and the installation will be carried out by a team of fully qualified electricians and roofers. We believe that if you are going to invest in a PV system that will last for decades, you should fit the best that you can afford and employ a company with a proven record in the field of sustainable technology.

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