Installation of new traffic control barrier with ANPR, speech and fob access control in Somerset

May 6, 2020

We were asked to quote for the installation of a new traffic control barrier with Automatic Number Plate Recognition, speech and fobbed control at an outlet shopping centre in Somerset. The client approved our quotation, largely on the basis that our broad range of skills and experience would enable us to lead the works. As Lead Contractor we were responsible for the entire project. This included:

  • Installation of fully automated traffic control barrier system
  • Enabled access control via ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras with additional speech and fob override.
  • Installation of additional street lighting columns to illuminate the barrier area
  • Appointing and supervising sub-contracted ground works for the automated barrier base
  • Appointing and supervising sub-contracted metal fabrication for adjacent railings

All works had to occur outside of centre opening hours to minimise risk, but even so the area had to be isolated during ground works and installation. The base for the barrier had to be hand dug due to the proximity of a large electrical transformer and the complicated underground cable runs. Once the barrier and access control elements were installed these had to be cabled back to the main Comms Room via underground ducting. This enabled the security team to exercise complete control over the area via CCTV coverage (which we previously installed – see News HERE), pre-programmed ANPR, audio comms directly back to the security office and programmed fobs to override access.

The client was delighted with the result and we were pleased to add this to our portfolio of security traffic control barrier works in Somerset and throughout the South West.



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