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Electrical, electricity and energy monitoring across Somerset, the South West and the UK


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Simple really.  All businesses want to reduce energy consumption, save money and lower environmental impact but where do you start?


Monitoring your current electrical systems allows you to identify key areas where the most impact can be made.  We are an approved partner installer for Rayleigh Connect – one of the most respected and reliable monitoring systems available today.  Trusted by numerous public and private sector organisations, these monitoring systems deliver meaningful information and are capable of recording and analysing data from individual areas, circuits or, in some cases, pieces of equipment.  The monitors can be hard-wired, or where this is impossible or impractical, wireless GSM systems deliver consistent, reliable data from almost anywhere.

Software allows you to customise reports and select who receives them.  Let the technical team see a full overview of performance including voltage, current, power factor and other key metrics.  At the same time, display a dashboard in reception showing how much energy you are using compared to what you are producing through your PV system.  You can even automatically generate individual consumption reports and billing – perfect for tenants or multiple unit locations.

For ultimate convenience and practicality, all live data and reports are cloud hosted and can be securely accessed from any PC, laptop or mobile device.  Secure log-ins allow management chains to access information and alarms can be set to notify specified individuals if certain pre-set conditions are exceeded.

Our monitoring systems are flexible and future proof – delivering the information you need today, while being capable of growing alongside your business.  As well as electricity, our range of meters are capable of monitoring gas,water, temperature – in fact there is very little that can’t be monitored.  And many clients find that strategic decisions, based on real data, can lead to savings that cover the cost of the monitoring system in year 1.


To find out how electricity and energy monitoring could help your organisation work more efficiently, save money and reduce your environmental impact get in touch:
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