Climate Control

High tech building control systems offer you the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and convenience. Set schedules that perfectly match your heating and cooling requirements, or utilise the latest in ‘learning’ thermostats that get to know how you work and adjust systems accordingly. No more forgetting to turn the heating off when you go out or leaving the aircon on at the office. Sudden change of plan? No problem – just log in remotely from your smart device and take control.

Features include

  • ‘Learning’ thermostats that ensure perfect climate control each and every day. These ‘stats can dramatically improve efficiency and lower heating costs
  • Set individual day schedules for the ultimate in comfort and control
  • Integrate curtains and blinds to minimise thermal gain in the summer and maximise heat retention in the winter. Sunlight sensors can automatically lower blinds or draw curtains to prevent damage to furnishings from direct sunlight.
  • Set up ‘lock outs’ to prevent staff (or children!) from turning up the heating.
  • Reduce your wasted energy – integrate your heating systems with your security to lower temperatures when the system is armed. Tell your heating when you’re on your way home and arrive in comfort.
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