Energy efficiency is at the core of smart home technology and integrated building control. The key word here is ‘control’ – both automated to ensure that all systems are operating at their optimum, and manual for those exceptional circumstances. Operating your heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and energy consumption in the most efficient ways possible is not only environmentally friendly but saves you money too!

Features include

  • ‘Learning’ thermostats that ensure perfect climate control each and every day. After a short learning period, these smart ‘stats run your systems automatically, perfectly matching your requirements. They also have occupancy sensors to ensure that areas aren’t being heated when no-one is there. These stats can dramatically improve efficiency and lower heating costs
  • PV photovoltaic systems – harness free electricity from daylight and control systems can ensure that electricity generated is used in the most efficient way—for example diverted to heat your water or swimming pool.
  • Integrate curtains and blinds to minimise thermal gain in the summer and maximise heat retention in the winter.
  • Set up ‘lock outs’ to prevent staff (or children!) from turning up the heating.
  • Reduce your wasted energy – integrate your heating systems with your security to lower temperatures when the system is armed. Tell your heating when you’re on your way home and arrive in comfort.
  • Ceiling fans – fully automated can effectively re-distribute both warm and cool air-reducing heating and cooling requirements.
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