Festive Lighting in Somerset

December 1, 2016

Santa’s little helpers have been at it again!


The team at Encore Electrical are proud to have again installed the amazing festive lighting and Christmas decoration scheme at Clarks Village outlet shopping centre in Street, Somerset. The grand switch on went without a hitch and anyone thinking of visiting Clarks Village for some Christmas shopping is in for a real treat.

This is the 10th year in a row that we have undertaken this mammoth task, but every year the enjoyment and appreciation on the faces of visitors makes it all worthwhile. The majority of the lighting and decorations are installed in the wee small hours to avoid disruption during the centre’s opening times, and this year we thought it would be interesting to keep a tally of exactly what it takes to create the right atmosphere for visitors over the festive period. Simon the MD is a bit geeky about this sort of thing (which is probably why the installation always looks so good!) and has just finished tapping away on his calculator.

Right then, deep breath…

This year at Clarks Village we have:

  • Installed nearly 9km of festive lighting (that’s over 92,000 LED lights!)
  • Hung 850m of Christmas garlands
  • Lit and decorated 1 x 36ft and 1 x 16ft Christmas tree
  • Decorated 90 small box trees
  • Suspended 27 large illuminated balls
  • Used 9,000 cable ties
  • Walked over 200 miles
  • Consumed enormous quantities of coffee and pasties (you’ve got to keep your strength up on these cold night shifts)


No wonder it looks so good and we would heartily recommend that anyone looking for some festive cheer takes a trip to Clarks Village. You might even bump in to one of our team – just look out for an electrician with bags under his eyes and pasty crumbs down his front.  Enjoy!

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