Our new tow-along cherry picker is available for high-level electrical and lighting projects throughout Somerset and the South West.

April 21, 2020

At Encore Electrical, we are one of the few electrical contractors in Somerset with our own mobile high level access equipment (also known as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWPs). We have recently added a Nifty 120T tow-along cherry picker – perfect for a variety of internal and external high level works throughout Somerset, Devon and the West Country.

As well as conventional electrical works, at Encore we specialise in Christmas lighting installs in shopping centres and High Streets. Our high-level access equipment was originally purchased to carry out these festive installs and also to enable us to perform the essential anchor bolt testing required. However, since we have owned our Nifty 120T tow along cherry picker we have also worked extensively on internal and external high-level re-lamping and electrical infrastructure works.

Our Nifty 120T cherry picker really is an incredible piece of kit. Once towed in to the general location, it is light enough to be manoeuvred by hand to the exact position required. Its hydraulic legs are then deployed to provide a stable platform, allowing the cherry picker to extend to a safe working height of over 12 metres with an impressive 6 metre outreach.

Its party trick though comes in the form of its telescopic axles that allow the cherry picker to pass through doors as narrow as 1.1 metres. As a result, our cherry picker has spent as much time inside sports halls, gymnasiums and theatres as it has outside.

The range of applications is endless. In the last year alone our cherry picker has helped us to anchor bolt and fixings test a shopping centre in Hereford, install a new lighting scheme in a public school theatre in Somerset, replace conventional court lights with high powered LEDs at a tennis club in Devon and of course, install festive lighting schemes throughout the UK.

Of course, if you have a project that requires access to greater heights than 12 metres, give us a call. Our operatives are professionally trained and qualified to work with a range of access equipment covering multiple heights. So if you have a high level electrical or infrastructure project that you have been putting off or are unsure how to manage, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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