Trilux E-Line LED lighting system installed at new Millfield Equestrian Centre

April 13, 2017

Encore Electrical were proud to be appointed as approved TRILUX installer for the new Millfield Equestrian Centre LED lighting project in Somerset.


Millfield is one of the few British schools with equestrian facilities on campus and aims to offer the best combined equestrian and academic school environment in the country.  The Equestrian Centre is certified to Fellowship level in the British Horse Society “Where to Train” register.

To further enhance and improve their inspirational sporting facilities, Millfield required new indoor and outdoor equestrian arenas.  Since both of these arenas would be used extensively it was essential to ensure that the lighting systems would produce uniformity and high light output.  The indoor arena in particular required an unprecedented quality of light that would cast virtually no shadow in order to enhance the effectiveness of training and improve the safety of horses and riders.

Millfield take their environmental responsibilities particularly seriously and required a lighting system that reduced energy consumption whilst delivering exceptional light quality.  Ongoing maintenance was also a consideration since it would be difficult to access light fixtures at height once the arenas were commissioned and in use.




Having worked with TRILUX previously, Millfield felt that they were the natural choice to supply an optimum solution.  The indoor arena is an interesting design due to the roof shape and TRILUX provided an impressive scheme incorporating their continuous line product E-Line LED.

Encore Electrical was delighted to be selected as the approved contractor to install all elements of the lighting scheme.  From an installers perspective TRILUX products, and in particular the E-Line continuous line LED system, are a dream to work with.  The products are of the highest quality and configuring them couldn’t be simpler.  The indoor arena incorporates four rows of LED at 69 metres each, and we can honestly say that the TRILUX system offers the simplest install process available today. It is always our first choice for lighting environments such as this.


The finished TRILUX lighting system:

  • Exceeds the light level requirements of the project
  • Is robust and IP rated to prevent dust ingress
  • Incorporates incredibly efficient LEDs (using less than a third of the power of the old equestrian centre)
  • Provides a unit lifespan that ensures that inconvenient and costly re-lamping is avoided


So – all boxes ticked then!




“My project engineer was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and cares about the end client and the effect the lighting will have on the users.  The lighting was a huge success and provides a high quality, uniform light to the riding areas.”

Andy Ellis
Head of Electrical

“The quality of lighting, casting almost no shadow, is unprecedented and from an environmental perspective the LED lights are the most efficient of any sports facility on campus.  From a trainers point of view these two facilities have hugely enhanced our activities”

Danny Anholt
Director of Equestrian

If you have a lighting project and require exceptional light quality from the highest standard of fittings – get in touch.  We will be happy to discuss your options.


Images reproduced with kind permission of TRILUX Lighting Ltd

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